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Please keep the following in your prayers:
Ashley and Chris Sundsbak and family on the death of their daughter, Haley; Abby Mikkelson, daughter of Dirk and Amber; Dave and Sheila Gerding and all the girls and families present at Strawberry Lake last Saturday; Donna Grilley; Janice Bender; Kathy Enget’s mom, Anna May Paulson; Patrick and Karla Walsh and family on the death of his mom, Marian Walsh; Jay VanDyke, friend of Brent Hysjulien; Jeanette Jenson, friend of Donna Grilley; Richard Lysne, husband of Thelma; Marilyn Randash; Kathy Officer’s mom, Theresa Driessen; and ALL who serve in our Armed Forces.

We are cleaning out the church library to make way for new literature. Help yourself to any of the books found on the table in the upper left corner of
the sanctuary. Keep an eye out for new information about the library in the future!

Stewardship Snippet
Mark 4:26, 27 – Jesus also said, "The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow, he does not know how.”
How does God work in our lives, to draw us close as steward/disciples and then send us out to accomplish holy things? Jesus explains that it’s like seed growing and spouting in us in ways that we can’t explain. What seeds of steward/discipleship are taking root in you?

Church Counselors
Jordyn Clapper and intern Adam Barden are serving as counselors at Camp of the Cross in Garrison. Letters from home are always exciting to receive! If you would like to send them something, the address is:

1228A 47th Ave NW Garrison, ND 58540

Fellowship Goodies
We are looking for volunteers to provide goodies and serve during fellowship following worship this summer. Please consider volunteering! If you would like to do so, there are sign-up sheets in the narthex or you can email the church at or call 839.8757.

Financial Information thru May, 2018
Input from the annual meeting indicated a goal to strive for 11/12 pastoral time. The last column shows what it would look like to get to that point. Members are encouraged to prayerfully consider their amount of giving.

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